Next Generation of Outdoor Wood Furnace, the Pristine Gasification Series

We carry 4 sizes of front loading forced air furnaces. These models can also be designed to burn coal. Our fan feeds oxygen in from the bottom so the coal burns easily. Shaker grates are installed in all models to help get rid of the clinkers. Watch this video first on the outdoor forced air wood furnace: If you are interested in turning the forced air furnace into one that burns coal, you can simply add the shaker grate system that is demonstrated in the video below!

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April 07, , Here would be my decision tree: If no then a non-gasifying Unit will save you money. If yes then the price of wood heat may have gone up, because gasifyers are more expensive But generally smoke less. Are there any stAte or local codes that limit use of OWB’s?

A sidearm heat exchanger is a device used in conjunction with an outdoor wood furnace to heat your domestic hot water. Did you know your hot water heater accounts for about 20 .

Videos 1 Add Review Highly efficient combustion is achieved in the Optimizer by using the wood gasification process. Refractory brick lining of both burn chambers help produce then absorb the high temperatures generated. Maximum heat extraction is then obtained by passing the exhausting air through vertical and horizontal passes heating the water in the surrounding water jacket quickly and efficiently.

Air is injected above, over, the fire from air injection ports running the length of the firepot. Air also rolls down the sides of the firepot going under the fire providing a clean turbo burn. Large amounts of pre-cast, stainless steel reinforced refractory brick line the fire chamber; the base measures four inches thick and the sides are nine inches high. Common refractory brick is used in the reaction chamber, where gasification occurs, and can be removed, replaced or rearranged.

Heat from the gasification process in the lower reaction area is transferred behind the refractory brick into the water jacket. The extensive surface area supplied by the scotch marine multi-pass tube heat exchanger provides heat recovery into water. Cleaning fire tubes is a breeze, straight through with a cleaning brush, because of total open access from both ends. Large pump install area is easy to access in the back of the boiler and interior space is protected by insulated doors which are lockable.

Double pump hook up is a feature of the Optimizer

Wood & Coal Furnaces

Email 4 Shares A Charmaster furnace is a master at producing charcoal. The furnaces are airtight units that convert wood into a beautiful bed of charcoal. This airtight design also creates a secondary burn of the gases.

The prices listed for all Earth Outdoor Furnaces, HE Series Furnaces, accessories, parts and installation materials do not include shipping whether purchased directly from the factory or through a dealer.

The Pollution Control Device uses an intelligent catalytic approach. The Earth Bio-Fuel Controller EBC manages the device to pre-heat the catalyst, manage power and control oxygen to reduce smoke and combustion gases, especially useful during start-up and reload. Most of our current boilers burn extremely clean as they already achieve gasification. Our new units will just have a more efficient gasification system and meet all the new requirements by EPA and UL.

I personally use one of our current units and it smokes less than most average fireplaces when it is idling and you can hardly tell it is burning when it is in full burn cycle. I have to look for the heat waves near the chimney to know if it is still burning. I am also getting hour burn times when using good aged hard wood. When I burn junk wood I get more like hour burns.

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I have two concerns with heating the electric tank directly using the wood boiler. From an energy point of view, unless you employ some controls the electric elements will always keep water in the tank up at or wherever you set them. That means the boiler can only heat above that. It isn’t allowed to do much work.

There are some good solutions for an outdoor wood furnace, but they’re not going to be cheap. It’s far easier and cheaper to install a good quality, modern wood stove in the basement, and it’s (IMHO) the nicest quality heat you’ll get.

This is the the absoule Easiest System for Self Installers! We help you every step of the way! You will NOT void the warranty by installing the furnace yourself! Every furnace comes with a complete detailed manual with lots of pictures and diagrams! If you have any technical questions or need any help whatsoever, please call Installing an outdoor wood furnace can be broken down simply. The parts needed will cost you virtually nothing: Pour a 4″ thick concrete pad to support the furnace because our smallest furnace weighs almost lb empty and about lb over a TON filled with water!

You can also use SOLID concrete blocks or railroad ties – anything that will be stable and support the furnace. Dig a trench, ONLY if using insulated ducts designed for underground AND is water-tight, mold and mildew resistant – making sure it’s below the frost line, to prevent excessive heat loss. The “frost lione” is the maximum depth to which frost will penetrate the ground during the worst of winter. See this frost line map or call your local building inspector’s office.

Putting the ducts below the frost line is NOT mandatory but it will save a lot of heat loss and wood or coal. The ground temperature below the frost line is degrees, even in winter, so heat loss is minimal.

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Cody, Virginia I built a system like that back in Tore it all out last summer and installed a central boiler. It served me well over those years. I first built a cinderblock building for the stove and wood. Tied in to the duct work in the house and tied into the return so I could heat the air from the house and blow it back in.

I used regular red brick to enclose the wood stove.

Sep 22,  · Best Answer: Putting the wood stove outside defeats the purpose of even having it in the first place. As it stands, even a furnace has to be vented outside, putting it outside would also make no sense. You may want to do a little more research on this, people have had wood stoves and burners inside for : Resolved.

Welcome to the best way to heat with wood! It is usually sourced locally and is often free. The ability to heat multiple buildings and water with wood can virtually eliminate your heating bills. Conventional heat sources like fuel oil, propane and natural gas will always be susceptible to price fluctuations and are irreplaceable fossil fuels. It also eliminates the smoke, ashes, odors and soot buildup on walls and ceilings inside your home that indoor burning creates.

Contact us to learn more. So Advanced, It’s Simple – If you ever thought an outdoor furnace was complicated and a lot of work, it’s time to look at the Classic Edge. Central Boiler has engineered the Classic Edge to be easy to operate and maintain.

Questions about hooking up outdoor wood furnace to indoor propane furnace?

Built in the northern climate of Wisconsin, Aqua-therm boilers are designed for rugged winters. Our local climate allows us to test and develop all of our boiler products properly and to make improvements to our indoor and outdoor wood boilers as needed. The Aqua-Therm boiler brand is designed for many years of quality service while maintaining high internal temperatures.

We are committed to building the best performing and longest lasting wood boilers available anywhere.

An outdoor wood furnace can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in heating costs over the length of its life. Purchase wood furnaces made in the USA and Canada at Anderson’s Outdoor Wood Furnace: Your Heating Headquarters.

Things that you should examine before purchasing an outdoor furnace: In these furnaces a long chimney is needed to draw air over the fire in order to keep it burning. If the furnace has a forced air draft, then extra chimney length is a liability as it causes creosote. The answer is simple. Unburned gases when exiting into the chimney cool off, condense and form creosote. Outside chimneys run much cooler and may result in massive creosote buildup.

In the off season they are needed to keep out rain which could rust out the firebox. In season they are a good idea to prevent wayward sparks from exiting. There are some caps such as the clover leaf design that do all of the above but also prevent downdraft. Downdraft makes for a slower fire and causes creosote. Both of these doors will allow severe heat loss. Simply stated, this means more firewood is burned to get the heat you need.

How to Install an Outdoor Furnace

NY We burned wood in our previous house in a Quadra Fire woodstove. I liked that I did not have to worry when the power went out and liked having a nice warm spot in the house but I love having our outdoor Central Boiler now. We now live in a bigger much less insulated farmhouse but it was already set up with hot water baseboard heat.

Sample Installation Diagram for use with Outdoor Wood Fuel Boilers NOTES: 1- Damage to the heat exchanger due to improper water chemistry is not covered under the S.E.C. warranty. 2- This is only a conceptual drawing provided as a guide. Actual installation must comply with local code requirements.

Exact color samples can be supplied by Mikes Heating upon request. The new Models CSS and CSS are constructed with the same grade stainless steel furnaces and have been outperforming mild steel three to one lasting up to three times longer. To provide the strength and durability in these larger models, we have utilized a heavier gauge of stainless steel 7 gauge to endure the rigors of commercial applications. To insure maximum operator safety, we feature a water-cooled firebox door, fully insulated housing and a CSA approved A.

Anti-Rollout Device that guards against flashback. Features such as an ash removal auger, bladder system and forced-air draft make the Models and CSS easy and efficient to operate and maintain.


We have plumbing professionals available to help with your installation. The drawings below detail various plumbing concepts that can be used to supply heat and domestic hot water. Several types of heat emitters are covered. Click on the drawing or links below to open a larger image file. The drawings provided show system piping concept only. The installer is responsible for all equipment and detailing required by local codes.

This EPA-Approved Fire Chief Furnace is an airtight central outdoor furnace engineered to accommodate the heating requirements of the average sized home, even during winter’s coldest months, with a heat output range up to , BTUs.

Baseboard Heat for the household, diagram Install a coil for domestic hot water, or as many as three coils, for hydronic water-borne baseboard heat. Then use your stove, or your furnace, as an efficient hot water heating unit. The coil can be plumbed directly to your existing hot water tank. No special holding tanks are required. If your existing hot water tank is located higher than your stove, the hot water can circulate by natural convection.

If instead your hot water tank is located distant from, or below the level of, your stove, an additional relief valve should be used near where the hot water line comes from the coil, and a circulating pump should be installed along the cold water line leading to the coil. In both cases, cold water is taken from the drain valve near the bottom of the tank, and the hot water returns through a tee at the top of the tank.

If you have plumbing questions, we recommend that your coil be installed by an experienced plumber. Do I have to re-do any of my old plumbing? No, you can leave your old plumbing in place. Yes, and you leave the electricity turned off or the gas turned off.

Outdoor Wood Furnaces

There was no gas lines… the houses either had propane or a heat pump. Neither one of us ever had an electric heat pump. The people we spoke with said they were efficient. Our monthly bills were over We were miserable and so was our dog. It was so cold; we lit the fireplace and moved our mattress to the living room just to keep warm through the night.

Installing an outdoor wood furnace is ideal for houses in areas that have an abundant supply of wood (free or low cost), as well as large outside property. The furnace can work with any radiant heating system and can also be used for domestic hot water supply (with a water-to-water heat exchanger).

When it comes to heating your home, energy efficient is always a factor. Making sure your heating element puts out enough heat consistently and without raising your heat bill through the roof is what we strive for. In , Thermo Control Heating Systems created just that, a wood heating system that is efficient and does the job without any hassle. We are proud to continually offer our customers with new and improved systems as we see the demands change over the years. Our goal many years ago was to create an indoor wood burning furnace and indoor wood burning boiler that heats quicker, is energy efficient and will provide you with minimal costs throughout the year with wood and repairs.

We use only the finest and strongest materials for both furnace and indoor boiler systems. Our indoor wood heating systems have an automatic thermostat control that guarantees a constant and even temperature all day. We were one of the first companies to introduce wood gasification. Our wood heating systems have an all-natural draft and are zero maintenance.

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