How This Red State’s Cruel Meth Laws Are Putting Women Behind Bars in Record Numbers

Traylor violated his probation on the tax and fraud charges he was convicted of in This despite the fact that he has made millions of dollars playing professional basketball. The IRS was just looking for a reason to nail Traylor. Police confiscated more than 40 firearms when Lewis was arrested. He was at least partially responsible for making Detroit the murder capital of the U. Traylor has a long history of shady dealings with money dating all the way back to high school. Besides being a big University of Michigan basketball fan, Martin also happened to be the biggest bookie in Detroit. He gave Traylor and members of the Fab Five hundreds of thousands of dollars while they were in high school and later at Michigan.

Tony Hoang went from drug dealing 13-year-old, to Minister by the age of 30

Share shares Despite their stark differences in upbringing, the couple do have one very poignant experience in common – both lost their fathers to suicide. The relationship between Kate and Professor Green, who is establishing himself as a presenter of documentaries, came to light when a source told a tabloid newspaper this week: They’re very keen to keep it under wraps and insist they are only friends so they avoid any public scrutiny until they are certain it’s more than just a fleeting romance.

According to one impeccably placed source: Let’s just say it is in character.

A DRUG dealer who accidentally shot a former friend in the torso outside a Perth police station after the victim threatened him has been jailed for nine years.

Inside the South Dakota women’s prison. But it’s becoming increasingly evident that South Dakota also has a problem with the way it deals with meth. Because of its strict drug laws, the state is seeing a dramatic spike in women being sent to prison for meth. According to a new report from the non-profit news organization South Dakota News Watch, the number of women in prison in the state has jumped 35 percent since , while the male prison population has increased at only one-quarter of that rate.

Nearly two-thirds of all women prisoners in the state are there for non-violent drug offenses. The state now has the fourth-highest incarceration rate for women in the country, trailing only Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Kentucky. Overall, about one-third of all inmates in the state are doing time for drug-related offenses, the majority of them for simple drug possession. That’s a higher percentage than most other states, where drug offenders tend to make up somewhere around 20 to 25 percent of the inmate population.

The high drug-related incarceration overall and for women in particular stems less from the prevalence of drug use than from the conservative, largely rural state’s reaction to it. South Dakota has not responded to decades of failed war on drug policies by reforming them, but by doubling down on them.

Would you continue dating a guy after he told you he was a former drug dealer?

Then again, Lindell would probably sleep just as soundly without a My Pillow resting beneath his head. Victory over drug abuse Lindell has a soft spot for The Salvation Army because the organization helps people fight addiction. He knows the battle well. Lindell abused heavy drugs much of his life, starting with cocaine in He switched to crack cocaine in the late s.

A drug dealer who accidentally shot a former friend in the torso outside Rockingham Police Station after the victim threatened him has been jailed for nine years. Asmir Supuk, 31, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm over the February incident, as well as almost a dozen serious drug and weapon offences dating back to June

Share this article Share She was carrying precious cargo, as her child will be Basic Instinct star Michael’s first grandchild. Regarding the pregnancy, a source told People: Michael is looking forward to being a grandfather. His body art includes an etching of his famous father Michael Dougals Pecs appeal: He took great delight in showing off his muscular torso Things that go bump in the afternoon: He received a five-year sentence for possession of heroin and selling methamphetamine.

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Updated Sep 25, at 8: Louis police officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty in the shooting death of year-old Anthony Lamar Smith on September Stockley, who is white, claimed he acted in self-defense because he thought Smith, who is black, was reaching for a gun. Since Stockley waived his right to a jury trial, the decision to acquit Stockley was made by St. Louis Circuit Judge Timothy Wilson.

Darryl (Little D) Reed “was the most feared drug dealer in Oakland,” Russ Giuntini, Alameda County deputy district attorney, said Friday. In three years, Reed rose from street dealer to multimillionaire, according to Oakland narcotics Officer Ken Scott, who headed the investigation.

Support independent, faith-based journalism. ABP — He’s a former drug dealer and gang member, hardly the credentials sought by most churches looking for pastors. But Huey Harris’ dramatic conversion from gangster to preacher has opened doors of ministry in the roughest areas of Montgomery. Harris, 29, was 12 when he began selling cocaine under the direction of his grandmother while his mother was in prison. At 16 he was charged with capital murder after driving the shooter away from a street killing, but he avoided prosecution.

Meanwhile, he ran a crack house behind a Montgomery high school for five years.

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Try four weeks for 99 cents Alleged fentanyl dealer seeks release for treatment Posted Tuesday, July 17, 8: According to documents filed in U. In addition, wrote Michael L. Desautels, a federal public defender in Burlington, “Mr. Paige also has a job available for him if he is released on pretrial conditions. Attorney’s Office for the District of Vermont opposes Paige’s release for treatment.

A confessed drug dealer explained in a letter to a federal judge how he started selling marijuana to have lunch money, then switched to dealing heroin because it was more lucrative, allowing him.

Visit Website The distribution of opiates continued during the Jazz Era of the s and s. Marijuana also became a popular recreational drug in some communities during this era. Mafia Drug Smuggling American Mafia families were caught smuggling and selling illicit drugs as early as the s, in addition to gambling and other illegal activities. These organized groups paved the way for future drug cartels that focused on drugs for their revenue. Drug use among Vietnam soldiers was widespread.

In , reports showed 15 percent of active soldiers were heroin addicts, and many more smoked marijuana or used other drugs. The number of people dependent on heroin in the United States soared to , during these years.

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Jefferson Siegel Now the black sock is on the other foot. Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis , the long-shot city controller candidate and nemesis of ex- Gov. Advertisement Her product included amphetamines, oxycodone and muscle relaxants, often used as date-rape drugs — but no Viagra, officials said. She allegedly sometimes provided the drugs at house parties. The haggard hooker, her unkempt bottle-blond hair tied in a ponytail, kept her mouth shut tight as she bolted Manhattan Federal Court with her attorney.

Lawyer Daniel Hochheiser said his client would plead not guilty to the four counts of distributing and possessing with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

As leader in the s of a drug trafficking ring responsible for distributing hundreds of pounds of cocaine, Dowdy reaped huge profits and enjoyed the lifestyle of a big-time kingpin.

Drug dealers cause so much suffering and despair. They feed the habits of addicts who are trapped with the uncontrollable cravings of addiction. They create new drug habits in those who are not informed about the terrible dangers of illicit drugs. They do it solely for the money—an income from the devastation of a life. They may see the horrors they cause, but push off the guilt when they hold cash in their hands.

The best customer to have is a wealthy professional who is a hard-core addict because they always pay. Other dealers only sell in bulk to dealers lower on the totem pole, and they make a little less.

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Comments Meet Richard Wershe. Wershe was a baby-faced, blond-haired teenager who grew up in the the middle-class fringes of Metro Detroit in the s. Around the time he hit puberty, he transformed into White Boy Rick, a prolific drug dealer and teenage prodigy in the cutthroat and vicious streets of the Motor City. He ranked as high in the public imagination as colorful Detroit drug heavyweights the Chambers Brothers, Maserati Rick and the notorious Best Friends.

White Boy Rick had arrived. He had also been recruited as one of the DEA’s prized confidential informants two years earlier, when he was

Told from the perspective of former drug dealers, and featuring interviews with rights advocates Russell Simmons, Susan Sarandon, and A shockingly candid examination of how a street dealer can rise to cartel lord with relative ease, How to Make Money Selling Drugs is an insider’s guide to the violent but extremely lucrative drug industry. Told.

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